Apple Keynote is great application for making creative presentations. Sadly you cannot import vector graphics into Apple Keynote which is limiting your creative capabilities. There is an easy way around.

SVG2Keynote is a free command line utility to convert Scalable Vector Graphics to Apple Keynote documents. This tool preserves shape information (path styles, fills), such that shapes can be edited in Keynote. But there is a drawback, usage of command line utilities isn’t comfort for most of people.

Thanks to app SvgToKeynote you can use command line utility SVG2Keynote easily without writing a single line in Terminal. SvgToKeynote behaves like regular Desktop application. Just open it, select SVG file and voila, you have your SVG converted into KEY file. Super simple!

Please note that SvgToKeynote is only wrapper for command line utility SVG2Keynote. Author of SVG2Keynote is Christian Holz. Please visit his website for more details about SVG2Keynote.

How it works?

Conversion process is very simple. You only have to launch application and to select desires SVG file. New Keynote will be placed near the original SVG file.


Converted file is fully editable and elements will remain vector graphics when you copy and paste them into another Keynote presentation.



Please use link below to download SvgToKeynote

SvgToKyenote for macOS 10.11 or newer 


Download DMG container, open it and drag app into your Applications folder.