Same-Day Delivery

Whatever the need, we can ensure your fully produced video sees the world in the same day when it’s recorded. Same-Day video is perfect for cases where you want to deliver your message at the same day of your event.

Usage scenarios

People don’t like old news usually. Fresh and up-to-date content works the best on social media channels.

Same-Day videos are perfect for short interviews, journalistic reviews of events, short “live” shows (1-2 persons) and for various improvised events.

Same-Day videos are good to promote upcoming events, for example reporting audience about status of preparations, emotions of your team members or performers and quick previews of some content.

Your company takes part on trade show to display, show, and discuss latest products and services and you have spent a good amount of money for that. But you can go an extra mile to make attractive video reviews and interviews of the event, to use these outside of the exhibition, to earn an extra profit. These videos can serve you few years, but costs only a fraction of costs of exhibition.

You are an organiser of regular events. Short video reviews will serve you well to promote future events.

The only limit is our imagination, just ask and we will find a way how to use same-day videos to promote your business.

How it works?

Production of Same-Day videos is quite a simple process for you. Once we agree the core concept, the time and location of video shooting and show participants, we will take care of the rest.

Once we have shot the show, we edit it on the same location and deliver immediately to you. Also, we can publish videos immediately on the Internet if you provide needed access to us.


To make a story more exciting we can illustrate it with B-roll. We usually shoot B-roll after the vocal performance (on the same location or neighbourhood), so it follows your storyline the best way. If needed we can pre-shoot B-roll in advance on other locations too, but this will increase the cost of production.